Weekend DSM

@Maple Studios

January 12 – 14, 2024

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What is startup weekend?

This in-person event is meant to bring together designers, developers, marketers and startup enthusiasts to share ideas, form teams and launch startups.

The event is open to the community – anyone who wants to be a founder, startup enthusiast, or learn about innovation through new ideas.

Day 1

Friday, January 12th 5pm – 9pm

Arrive, networking, dinner

Icebreaker, facilitator introduction

Pitchfire commence!(anyone intending
to pitch will have 60 seconds –
no presentation required)

Top ideas voted on, collaboration teams formed

Day 2

Saturday, January 13th 8am – 9pm

Teams work all day, with the occasional breaks to eat, listen to short talks, or attend a short workshop

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided

Mentors will be circulating to provide advice

Day 3

Sunday, January 14th 8am – 6pm

Breakfast provided

Teams work uninterrupted from morning until mid-afternoon

Wrapping up their product/prototype and presentation

Around 3pm, tech-checks and dry-run

Pitch time! Each team has 5 minutes oto pitch and 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges

Top teams awarded prizes

How can I get involved?


Startup Weekend DSM is Friday January 12th to Sunday January 14th, 2024, featuring events, workshops, and parties.


Techstars Startup Weekend is powered by volunteers and anyone can get involved, regardless of background, experience, gender, age, skills, or ability.


This event wouldn’t be possible without all of our incredible sponsors supporting entrepreneurship in Des Moines! Find out more about sponsoring Startup Weekend DSM.

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What is techstars?

Techstars is a global accelerator network that provides
early-stage startups with access to mentorship, funding,
and resources to help them succeed.

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Maple Studios

1207 Maple St, West Des Moines, IA 50265

January 12 - 14th, 2024

Friday 6:00 PM – Sunday 6:00 PM


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